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April 27, 2012


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LOVE this post Kelly!! and your 'transformed' t-towel design is gorgeous. We have a labyrinth near our home I walk & I loved your description 'you can not fail to get to the center' Such a great metaphor I agree ♥ I know your farmer's market stand this Summer will be a huge success xoxo

Kay Ellen

I love the quotes and scripture you mentioned..pressure of family and loosing a loved one it really tough...

Love your encouragement I am reading while you are coming out the storm and it truly is..... a creative journey :)

Have a blessed week blogging friend!

Kay Ellen


I will have to check out the book- thanks Kay. You are so sweet.


Thanks so much, Deb. Every once in awhile I have to pour my heart out...and then I wonder what I've done...but I'm so glad you enjoyed it. And yes, labryinths are cool!

Robin Thomas

Hi. Wow. What a lovely blog.

I am amazed and humbled by you finding me, then reading a post about grieving your mother, the labyrinth, the importance the blog takes...

All meant to be. Why am I amazed at what is continuously amazing? Well thank God, truly, that I am.


Obtaining my to comment is always tough, but that post was definitly worthy. I just want to say hi and tell you that i is going to be back


I have been lurking around here for fairly sometime but i havent made a comment, just thought i would say hello!


I'm glad you've been lurking around here, and even happier you stopped to say hello!


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