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September 24, 2010


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i am so glad you had a wonderful time there. i can't wait to go to the classes next year. i am bummed we didn't meet up. it's funny, as we were walking through the market, i was scanning all the people in case i ran into you. have a wonderful weekend kelly.


I'm still feeling happy when I think of the great time you had. I think that's one of the best things about friendship---feeling joy because your friend is joyful. :)

Hope you get some recooperative R&R and look forward to seeing what new creative things you have up your sleeves!


Ohhh so much fun!! I am tickled you got to go!!

What a wonderful class you decided on...

Looked like an amazing event:)

Kay Ellen


Such fun! I knew you would have an amazing time ~ how great that your hubby joined you :-) Love the little bunny ♥

Cassie Shella

Oh I'm so glad you had such a nice time. I would have liked to have gone - maybe next year. Your bunny looks just precsious even if he does have an attitude! Have a Blessed week.



so happy we finally met!!! it was a whirlwind weekend, so we'll have to plan another get together soon!!!!
FYI: just picked up my new pc (the motherboard was fried on my old one!!) so i need to load some programs and all my photos and i should be back in gear real soon!!

your "Kwaaffee" lovin' friend!


So fun! And what a brave husband! Mimi

elma riedstra

OH what a cute bear!! Such fun!!! So glad you got to go:)

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