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August 16, 2010


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beach photos are my favorites. i love the family photo. plus a little wind always helps with the hair.

enjoy your last week of the kids being home. summer went to fast didn't it?

cindy geilmann

I have never enjoyed a vacation like that. I really do need it though. Will you e-mail me and tell me where it was and how I get ahold of them?

Your family is so darling and that beach looks so inviting.

Thanks for you visit to my blog, your comments are always so appreciated.

big hugs


Dolphins! What fun, lucky you!

You're right, the kids playing in their suits made for lovely photographs! Well done! (I love Miss Polka Dot's suit, btw! She's adorable wearing it!)

This is great, that you're including yourself in more photographs! "Hi You!"


How cute is that! I can feel the salt spray and the breeze. :) Look at these when there's a blizzard and 10 degrees outside. (sorry)

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