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August 06, 2010


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You're funny! No, it was far better than seeing someone's home movies! ;D

Ahh, such a pretty place so full of charm! And the gorgeous beach (so much cooler looking than the Arizona climate we're enjoying now!)and watching your kids happily play.....Good for you, Kelly! I'm so glad it was so enjoyable!...Now put up your feet and relax from all the travel and unpacking---you deserve it!

xx Julie


AWESOME! I see the ocean a lot, well, the Gulf rather, but I know how you must feel coming from a land-locked place. There definitely is something very liberating and soothing about the beach and the ocean. Pictures are darling and you all look happy, and you lucked out with the house!

Mimi Sue

I grew up on the Central California Coast. Your pictures made me homesick. Glad you had a great time making some memories with your family. Mimi


Oh my gosh. That light just screams beach house. Love the photos. What an amazing place to stay. You and me are beach babes stuck in the middle of the US.


I think the "Welcome to Paradise" sign you had in the beach house pretty much sums it up ... gorgeous!!
*so happy you can leave comments now* :-)

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