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June 09, 2010


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Yeah for Birthdays and Pies like Mikes! Not so Yeah for Lagoon (not my fav. place).
Yeah for the kids having a good start to summer and planting flowers.
Yeah for Winston...your lucky to get that snap shot of him overseeing the sandwich making!

I will watch your spotlight on studio 5 big HUGE YEAH for you!


oops...another BIG YEAH...FOR SOCK MONKEY FLIP FLOPS...too cute!


Congratulations Kelly!!! Saw Eloise and her gorgeous red flip flops on your flickr :-)
Happy Birthday Wishes to your hubby & daughter. Beautiful post! Love your porch with the white wicker & red geraniums ♥


At the risk of sounding totally out of it, what is Miss Sophey riding? Looks fun.

Oh dear Winston, you are such a photogenic dog! Those two photos of him are sooo cute!

Great sewing going on at your place, my sweet friend! Eloise's flip flops slay me! And her lips, ahhh her lips!...I can tell you had a lot of fun with this one!

Pretty, pretty basket, Kelly!...A happy belated birthday to the birthday "kids!".....xx Julie

P.S. You are always welcome to come to my house to plant flowers, too!


It's a Mod Vapor. The suburban kids around here are having lots of fun with them. They're available on Amazon in lots of colors. It was Jesse and Sophey's big Christmas present this year, and yes they always wear helmets-- we took it off for the photo op!


I'm loving the sock monkey decked out with weather appropriate flip flops! Congrats on the KSL spotlight!


the flip flops on the monkey - LOVE IT!!! so cute. i have a hammock at the cabin. so relaxing. hope summer is going good for you so far. looks wonderful. i am loving your chair and green table.



Your adorable sock money was featured this week on the Top 5 Hits at Singing With Birds. Come check it out!


What a great post! I love Winston as you know. :) The picnic baskets are adorable. You know, if you put out a magazine with all of your goings on at home and with the kids, I would read it cover to cover!

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