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June 25, 2010


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They're wonderful, Kelly! Oh, and they're both a happy orange! :) Love it!

I have no lovely garden, vacation or other plans to share at the moment. We've had a trip to Arizona canceled 3 times at the last minute during the last 2 weeks. I'm scared to unpack. Is it practical to live out of a suitcase all summer long in your own home? lol. Just wonderin'.

You're such a sweetheart to host these lovely giveaways, my friend! Thank you for doing that! Great cause and great fun!


The bird feeders are beautiful. I just got back from a family vacation at Myrtle Beach and am trying to keep the plants we put in this spring alive now that the heat of the summer is here. So glad I got a rain barrel - I can capture and use whatever rain we do have.


Really love the bird feeders.
At the moment I'm spending my time trying to start a blog,hopefully am going on holiday to Spain in September.

My veg. garden has some lettuce,cabbage,onions & garlic.
Have some lovely strawberries and the raspberries are just coming out now.
I'm hoping to show some pics on my blog if I ever get it going!!!!!!

Dianne Wares

I just love these cute little gourd birdfeeders and even better that the making of them is such a good cause.

our summer plans are to stay around home this year. My husband recently had surgery and will just be getting back to work in a couple weeks so we will be able to start saving again. We would like to make a trip to the pacific northwest, so I imagine that will be a spring '11 trip.

Thanks for the giveaway offer and a chance to check out your site!


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