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April 30, 2010


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Daisy Cottage

Hi My Kelly!!

What a wonderful and worthy giveaway - thank you for letting me know. If I won, I'd love any color!

Much love to you,


Those aprons are so fun! And what a great cause! I love the flour sack on the back!


Fair Trade Friday, what an awesome idea! I LOVE the sunflower red!


thats great, women owning their business, gotta give them a hand...or a clapping with two hands.
Thanks for bringing it to our attention, its wonderful.
Hey, I'm kind of fond of the red sunflower, just in case!

Also, you sold something red and pink recently! yeah!
Hope there are more coming.


Hi Kelly,
What a wonderful giveaway, I think it is so important to help where you can... I live in a country that has some desperate poverty, so I think a Fair Trade system is really the only way to go...
I would love any colour if I win, thank you :)

marcie palmieri

HI kelly,
What a great give away. i love the flour sack if I was to win
Thank you


Hi Kelly
Gorgeous aprons (love the sunflower red colour & pattern) Global Mamas sounds like a wonderful organization!
Hope you are having a great weekend.


you are a wonderful human being. you know that right? i love the sunflower red.


I gave this post a plug on FB. I don't wear aprons, so I'm not officially in this drawing. :)

Ida Lawrence

I gave the post a plug on my FB page too, and I DO wear aprons - love the blue one. I appreciate all of the organizations that help women receive a fair price for their creations.


Awesome giveaway and a great organization! Sunflower red is my fav!!


Thanks for offering this wonderful giveaway. If you draw my name, I'd love the red sunflower!

Jeni Carlson

Hello friend,

Just wanted you to know Brenda has a check at the shop for you today. Hope to see you soon.

Wishing you a wonderful day!

cindy geilmann

I want to win, I want to win! Love the red apron.

Big Hugs


How adorable Kelly!!
Love Aprons~~~

Happy Mother's Day!!

Kay Ellen

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