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February 26, 2010


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We carry these adorable cupcake kits where I work in several different themes---all VERY cute!:)

(I want to be a princess at a party, too.)



can it really be march on monday, as we had ANOTHER foot of snow today!!!! i baked a cake today while everyone was out shoveling snow, but if i had that sweet cupcake kit it would have been cupcakes for sure!!!

thinking of spring,


grown ups should get princess parties!! how fun. happy birthday to your sweet sophey. can't wait to see the photos from her party.

Jeni Carlson

Oh my! I really need those too. They are so cute. How is it that I never really grew up. I am so excited to see your party.

Happy birthday Sophey!


Hi Kelly
That is the cutest cupcake set ever! A cupcake & craft party sounds like fun :-D
Happy March 1st!

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