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February 04, 2010


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I love your homemade pretty!!

Have a wonderful day:)



They're wonderfully charming hearts! How fun to be validated with quick sales! Yay You! Looking forward to seeing the others. :)


oh kelly, you are what I need for sure this morning. I am wanting to make a heart garland for my fireplace and some other things. You are doing exactely what I want to do. I love it!

Can't wait for the bloggers lunch.



Hi Kelly
LOVE your beautiful hearts & so happy they are finding homes for Valentines Day ♥

Jeni Carlson

Well I can see why your hearts fly out the doors. They're so pretty.

Seems like we are living very similar lives. Basketball. Braces. And while I don't have a Girl Scout I would love to buy some cookies for my boys from your daughter.

Have her bring some to the school pickup. Preferably Thin Mints.


well since i love quotes and i love your handmade hearts, you can post as many of them as you like. plus it's your blog. they are beautiful kelly. sounds like your very busy. take care!!

Heart care

Healthy hearts... Thanks for sharing....

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