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January 20, 2012


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Thought I'd say "Hi!"....Hope you don't need the surgery. A clean art space is the best! Good for you. :)

Cassie Shella

Congrats on the afghan project - I have two that I started several years ago and neither of them are finished. My husband reminds me of that every time he opens the closet door and sees the yarn for them still sitting on the shelf. I can't wait to see sock monkey outfits - Alexa (my six year old) has just discovered the sock monkey and is fascinated by him:) Have a Blessed week.


Hi Kelly
One of my favourite things about your posts is all the fabulous colour ♥
Your studio is amazing - and definitely Where Women Create worthy :-) Love the little mouse xo
Great wool ~ it will make for a fabulous afghan & looking forward to seeing the adorable outfits you're making for your sock monkeys (speaking of socks ... hope your feet are feeling better)
Can't wait to hear more about your prayer art journal too. ♥ Hope you are having a great day. Deb


LOVE your art studio! Wish I had one like that, but I actually had to downsize, so now my art space is fighting with my office space. :( Some day...
Hope your toe is better by now!! Hugs... don't let them cut (if you can avoid it.)

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