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August 17, 2011


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summer flies by anyway but to miss it because of unfortunate events, bummer. so glad you are feeling better and getting back in the swing of things. i have missed you. i am sure you are so excited for the wedding. i am sure we'll see some photos of that. can't wait. take care.


I am so glad to see you back. Have missed your fun inspirations - projects, thoughts, stories etc. Sorry for all you've gone thru. Glad you are doing better.


Glad you are ok and a new blog post!! ( I just emailed you) So glad you are ok. This summer sure did fly by and the kids I wish they would stop growing. I think it just means we are getting older:(
Can't wait to hear more of the wedding. How exciting for all of you!!!


Hi Kelly
Welcome back!!
Sounds like lots has been going on ...happy to hear all is ok now.
Your new little craft book looks adorable ~ Love the sewing box idea (I want that myself) :-)
♥ Deb

Cassie Shella

So glad to see you back and feeling better:) Congrats and good luck with the upcoming wedding, I'm sure it's going to be perfect. I'm off now to check out that sewing book on Amazon - thanks for sharing it!

Kay Ellen

Glad to hear you are feeling better, sounds like a tough summer with surgery,flood and sorry not fun:(

Wedding sounds very exciting!
Love crafty projects and garden...

Take care, prayers coming your way!

Kay Ellen

Emerson Paynode

What's the cause of flooding, again? I feel sorry for the farmers who lost their crops. They shouldn't worry, though. A rainbow shows up after a storm, right? However, I'm a li'l worried 'bout your flooded basement. Is it ok now?

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