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November 15, 2010


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I love your tone-on-tone trees! Very serene and pretty! Like a quiet snowy day! :)

That little weinie dog had a blast at your place, sounds like! How funny.

Red fire hydrants are always more cheery than the yellow ones we have in our area. And polka dots?? Brillient idea! Hope it catches on!


Brilliant. Now I feel much better having corrected my spelling error. ;)


I think your trees came out really pretty! I like the soft white and the pearly glow. They have style! :)
Puppies...oh my.


Mom what a cute picture of Frank! Thanks for taking such great care of him :)

Brenda Just a bed of Roses

I love the name Vintage Serene for the trees...see a little brainstorming going on here.

Glad you were able to have creative thoughts after or while DOG, three dogs.Sounds exciting though. They are going to beg you to do it more often (the dogs, the kids) Cannot wait to see what you brought in! Tis the season for sure!

cindy geilmann

You are so brave to Dog sit. And, I think your trees a beautiful. The cutest new christmas thing I've seen this year.

big hugs

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