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September 03, 2010


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Hey Kelly!! Your flowers light up my day, literally. :> It's about 10:30 pm and we have absolutely no power in the neighborhood! So I got online to have some light. The candles don't count. And I was just starting to watch Star Wars 1V...
Anyway, the cat just purred along as if nothing had happened. I wish I could be more like him... Taking everything in stride. We take electricity for granted. Without it there's no a/c, no fans, no lights, no stove, no fridge, no WATER, just think about it... Oh anyway, I love your blog and I think Winston has the right idea: a shade tree, lovely kids, a flying ball. What else is important??


Brenda Just a bed of Roses

sorry to hear about Mike being so unfortunate...those foreign countries leave much to be desired.
Geez Kelly I just realized do we need to be to a certain store right now on Labor day???

A little going back to school blues for mom and doggie? But look at those sock monkeys and your right it doesnt get better than that particular fabric and oreo frosting...thanks for sharing your first thoughts on fall.

Now...must get dressed and head off to you know where.


First, I'm glad your husband is feeling back to his healthy self, for his sake and for yours.

What a smokin' deal on the pretty afghan! The guy with the price gun wasn't on the ball that day, for sure! Lucky you! :)

I'm loving all your cheery flowers and your deck looks like a lovely place to sit and relax!

This afternoon I was sorting through some boxes I haven't opened in almost 3 years and came across a China dalmation that I had wondered where it'd been hiding. Looks like the cousin of your terrier on the window sill. Made me smile when I saw yours.

Landsakes! How do you whip out a big batch of sock monkeys so quickly?? You have little tiny elves that stitch while you sleep??

Cassie Shella

I'm very glad to hear your hubby is safe at home. Your black eyed susans look beautiful, only you can see the weed in the picture! I would love to see the clothes you make for your monkeys. Have a Blessed week.


Your poor husband. Being sick is one thing. Being sick when youre thousands of miles from home is terrible. Glad everyone is feeling better now. Hopefully this week will be better for all of you. You black eyed susans are gorgeous. Hey. I would love to buy a sock monkey from you. I think they would be adorable for kids to hang on to in photo shoots.


Your blackeyed susan's are so pretty Kelly~~~

Sorry about you husband, that must been terrible to be so far away and sick:(

Your sock monkeys make me smile:))

Off to look at your beach photos again...looks like a fun spot to getaway!



Your poor husband! Nothing worse than being ill and away from home.
I LOVE your little window sill display with the china terriers. I'm always on the lookout for little china black labs but have never found one! What a pretty garden you have with the black eyed susan's ... AND those sock monkeys will look adorable all dressed in the D.D. fabric ♥
Have a fantastic weekend Kelly xo

cindy geilmann

Hi my friend, love all the colors in you post's. I've missed my visits with you, I've been off in other directions. I'm very jealous over you vacation. I want that vacation, that very spot.

I want to make the cupcakes and your flowers are specktacular.

I want one of your monkeys.

big hugs

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