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July 11, 2010


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Kelly!! What colorful, wonderful, eye candy! I've missed you and was starting to wonder! Glad you were just enjoying the summer days---and so nice to see your face in a post!! "Hi You!" :) :) Enjoy your time away, dear friend!


Your summer is looking delightful...where is that pool I want to just go lay on a lounge chair right out in the sun!
Cutest dress no wonder Miss Sophie paints flowers all the time. talk about summer purses and back to school purses, oops back to school bad word slipped in.
Missed the parade, Miss Sophie smart enough to wear a hat and throw out drinks.

Looking forward to pictures from girls camp, have fun, feel well. I think you will.


When you find out who did that fench and the cost could you pass it along to me...thats my kind of fence with a big overflowing rose bush right in the middle of each section...serious!
I have one picked out, but it was thicker and I need to do the grayed/tan color, but love it! Its a soon as my loan is paid...I am saving for that fence too!


Sounds (and looks) like the perfect way to spend Summer holidays :-)Beautiful post Kelly ♥


Really nice summer pictures! You captured the feeling perfectly. Just enjoy these lazy days, because before you know it, the seasons shift again. It's healthy to ENJOY! :)


love your sandals! Where'd you get them??


Your words and pictures paint a wonderful portrayal of summer. Hope this summer lasts forever!


hello kelly. sorry i have been missing. i have missed you. your summer looks like it is very enjoyable. love the cute sandals in the first photo, and the chippy white chair is delightful. thanks for sharing all your summer fun!!

Mimi Sue

Your summer sounds divine. Love that cute little house. Enjoy the kids. Mimi

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