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March 26, 2010


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What an exciting adventure you are embarking on Kelly ~ combining your vision and creative talent! I know it will be a great success. Your "Fair Trade Friday" giveaway is so generous & thoughtful - so you!
{if I am lucky enough to win I would choose the blue tote bag} Thanks Kelly ♥


What a great idea/path, Kelly! I'm excited for you. I have Tweeted and FB-ed this post for you. And, yes, I'd love the blue one if I'm lucky to win!! Yes, yes, yes. They are lovely, all of them.


I got excited comments on FB about the Fair Trade Women's site already. :)

Charmaine Taylor

Wow, this is a great thing you're doing. For Christmas I ordered bracelets for all of the women in my family from Beads For Life. I'm also a frequent shopper at Ten Thousand Villages. Good work! If I win I would like the blue bag. Thank you for the giveaway, and good luck with your work.


It's inspiring to hear you turning your creative endeavors into something to help others, Kelly!

I love the bags, especially the blue one since I tend to be a jeans kinda gal. Such a lovely give away! I'm hoping to get a new post on my blog Sunday (if I can catch my breath) and will be happy to pass on the info of your give-away---however I realize it may cut down on the odds of my winning! Maybe I shouldn't!


hi Kelly! I popped over here on the suggestion of Julie at A cup of Coffee, My Dog and Me (thanks for sharing this, Julie!)

I'm so glad I did too! What a wonderful post filled with information I was not aware of. This is definitely something that everyone should read!

I asked my daughter which pic she thought was best and she said "momma - choose blue! It matches your eyes"

So there you have it... ☺


What a cool thing to do Kelly! I love the blue purse cuz it looks so denimy (is that a word?). I love shopping at the store Ten Thousand Villages in Sugarhouse - can always find something beautiful and unique there!

Bonnie Tibbitts

I really love the blue purse its beautiful can think of manu uses for the bag.


Blessings as you move toward your business dreams, I think the blue one is the one I would choose.



this is so exciting!!!...i've been kinda busy, so i've been catching up on the past couple of the daisies and daffodils!!!!

happy spring!!!


OH Kelly!!!! Love this giveaway I would love the blue one if I am sooooo lucky to win.


Good Luck, Kelly!! Was just at an arts festival over the weekend talking with a woman who was selling fair Trade items. Amazing concept! Hope you follow your dream!

Sandra Peters

Isn't blogging a good place to put one's thoughts? Who knows... it may actually inspire another! You have probably inspired more than you know through your meandering throughts on your blog. I love the blue purse!


oh kelly. how wonderful of you. i wish you nothing but the best on your new journey. you are such a special person and i am so glad that i can call you friend. {{hugs to you}}. i love the blue bag.

C indy

Blue! :D


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