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March 12, 2010


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I can see you are having just too much fun...check out those fabrics your using!
Love to hear your handmades are entering new states...that's always exciting.
Eleanor and Mabel will have fun in Texas being loved and smooched on by those little sisters.
Keep up the fun!


Love the monkeys!! Way to cute.


Sophey's comment---too funny!

Those two sister monkeys have tons of personality!! They're sooo cute! And the name choices seem to suit them perfectly!

(Kelly, how ever do you finish so many projects? You put me to complete shame!)

Mimi Sue

Those girls are too cute. Glad they're staying together. I'm really loving the giant carrots. Great idea. You've probably snagged the only large orange sweater in Utah...Mimi


those are adorable. i am sure they will have a wonderful life in texas!!


How cute are those!!! I can't see you wearing fire engine red lipstick. :) It's all in the perception, Sophey probably picked up your energy sewn into the monkeys (if you believe that.)

C indy



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